Cocos Blockchain Expedition (Cocos-BCX)

What is Cocos-BCX

Cocos-BCX is a decentralized gaming and digital assets development platform built with the Cocos engine - one of the largest gaming developer community with 1.1 million developers. Some of the most well known games including Angry Birds, Fight!, Badlands, and Clash of Kings were built using the Cocos development platform and many game publishers including Zynga & Big Fish Games rely on Cocos2d-x.

Why do games need a blockchain?

While the end-users (players) of games do not care about the underlying technology of the games they play, the economic system of the game is of great importance to game developers and the overall gaming ecosystem.

The technology of blockchains allows developers & players the ability to validate scarcity within the games, prove ownership of digital items, transfer game assets across games, and create on-chain trustable randomness. These factors and more will both enhance the game experience and achieve our larger goal of moving the business of gaming from a fee-based to asset-based business model.

What problem does Cocos-BCX solve?

For game developers, Cocos-BCX solves the pain points of creating, launching, and scaling blockchain based games across all major blockchain platforms.

What is a blockchain game engine and how does the Cocos BCX game engine work?

Cocos-BCX is a game development software framework and virtual machine that supports multiple blockchains, device types, and operating systems. There are three core components to Cocos BCX:

1. A game engine serving as the software framework and virtual machine (run-time operating environment), supporting various blockchains.

2. Visual and data-driven development environment created specifically for gaming use-cases.

3. CocosChain - a public blockchain based on Graphene and architected specifically for games and high-performance applications.

We aim to build an open system where Cocos BCX supports all blockchains & development environments including our own.

How is Cocos-BCX different from other gaming focused blockchain projects?

Cocos-BCX is an end-to-end solution for blockchain game development including our game engine, IDE, interoperability layer, a set of standard smart contracts, etc. While we do have our own blockchain specifically designed for gaming applications, we also integrate and interoperate with all of the other blockchain application platforms.

How does Cocos-BCX get around the scalability issues of current blockchains?

While scaling is one of the major impediments for creating consumer level blockchain games today, all of the major blockchain application platforms are working on solutions to scale up the throughput in their respective networks.

In addition Cocos-BCX will have its own blockchain - the CocosChain - which is based on the Graphene framework and substantially improved for high transaction applications. We are aiming to achieve 100,000 transactions per second (tps) and are already testing our initial implementation to ensure a high transaction rate.

What is the difference between Cocos-BCX and Ethereum?

Ethereum was designed to be a turing complete world computer that can execute any generic smart contract using its Ethereum Virtual Machine.

On the other hand Cocos-BCX is an end-to-end blockchain game development platform. In addition our development environment and virtual machine is designed to be interoperable across all blockchains & built specifically for gaming use-cases.

Cocos-BCX Token (COCOS)

What does the COCOS token do within the Cocos BCX protocol?

Cocos-BCX tokens have three core functions: medium of exchange, proof of stake within our CocosChain and governance of Cocos-BCX.

Has Cocos-BCX completed a private sale?

Our first round of private sale was completed in April 2018. The investors are Grand Shore, DFund, INBlockchain Capital, NEO Global Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, FreeS, Node Capital, Consensus Capital, Yisu Capital, CoBuild Capital, Hash Capital, INK and Ticker Capital.

Is Cocos-BCX doing a public sale?

At the moment Cocos-BCX is not planning on doing a ICO or public sale. However we are reserving a portion of our tokens for game developers and players themselves. More information about this will be released later.

Will the Cocos-BCX tokens be ERC-20 compatible?

Yes Cocos-BCX tokens will initially be ERC-20 tokens, and can be stored in ERC-20 compatible wallets.

Will Cocos-BCX be transitioning over to their own native token, if so when?

In the future we will be releasing our own native tokens, however we will mirror the ERC-20 tokens to our native tokens under a dynamic mechanism allowing users to convert between blockchains as needed. More information about this will be released later.

Cocos-BCX Company

What is the relationship between Cocos-BCX, the Cocos Gaming engine, and the Cocos2d-x engine?

Cocos2d-x is the top game engine in Asia and #2 game engine worldwide by market share.

1.1 million developers are registered on the Cocos community and 3 million developers have used Cocos since 2009 including the teams behind Angry Birds, Fight!, Badlands, and Clash of Kings, etc. The Cocos'’s family includes Cocos2d-x, Cocos Creator, AndySDK, SDKBox and others, among which Cocos2d-x is the most well-known one as a cross platform and open source 2D game engine for mobile game development known for its speed, stability, and ease of use.

Cocos-BCX is co-founded by the founders of Cocos2d-x.

When is the Cocos BCX testnet planning on coming out? Mainnet?

Cocos-BCX was started in November 2017 and we released our first demo version in March 2018. We expect to release our full testnet version including all of our core components in Q4 2018. Find our latest process on our blog!

Who is the team behind Cocos BCX?

The two co-founders of Cocos-BCX are Haozhi Chen and Richard Yang. For the full bio’s of our founders plus our core team members visit our Team page.